Summer Enrichment Camp

You asked, and your masjid delivered!

Summer Youth Enrichment Camp

*You can now pick and choose the weeks you want to attend! Or pick the whole program for a discounted price!

* For less than $5/hr your child will learn subjects from Madina Institute’s 1-yr Islamic Studies Program with 2 of the same teachers!

* Parallel programs for the 11-14yrs and 15-18yrs, because we understand that youth learn and socialize differently in these age groups!

* Fun and exciting extracurriculars that will attract your children and their friends!

Dates: Mon-Sat from June 13 – July 22 (Break from July 4-9)

Times: Monday – Thursday 1pm-5pm; Friday 11am-1pm; Saturday 8-10am

Age Groups: YOUTH 11-14, TEENS 15-18

Cost: $100 per week or just $450 for FULL

5-Week Program

Please see flyer for more details

LIMITED SEATS because we want to keep Student-Teacher ratio small for optimum experience.

Register TODAY @

Register TODAY @