Overnight Itikaf Camp

First time ever, only for ages 13-17yrs!
Growing up as a Muslim teenager in these times can be tough! And finding a good role model who gets the best out of Deen and Duniya, is even tougher!
Especially designed by Moms of teenagers and heartily approved by teenagers, Madina Institute presents for the first time ever, I’tikaf Camp!
2 wonderful and rare opportunities in this camp:
1. The youth will be paired with youth role models of our community, the likes of Hafiz Asad Khan, Sr. Sara AbuAlrab and other carefully chosen Students of knowledge and will learn from them in a fun, engaging and spiritual environment
2. They will have the opportunity to have a dinner and discussion with Shaykh Muhammad al-Ninowy in an exclusive small group setting, away from the crowd.

Open to brothers and sisters (separate groups) aged 13-17 ONLY. Because we want to keep this small, the spots are very limited. Apply soon. Deadline for application and payment is May 18th.

Date: 1 Jun 2018
Location: Madina Institute
Fee: $40