Part-time Islamic Studies Program


The Part-Time Onsite Islamic Studies program offers the study of a variety of classical texts taught by scholars from around the world. This program is based upon the curriculum of Full-Time Islamic Studies program’s curriculum and covers 10 of the foundational texts. These texts include topics on Aqidah, Seerah, Legal Theory and more!

The Madina Methodology

Our teaching methodology is extremely unique in its process to teach students the variety of viewpoints within the bounds of Ahl’ Sunnah. This approach provides students with an unbiased understanding of many schools of thought. At Madina, we believe in providing knowledge and information, not indoctrinating a particular point of view. This results in a well-rounded seeker of knowledge. We believe in bringing the best scholars to the students, without requiring the students to travel the world to seek the knowledge they crave. Each student has the opportunity to interact with and study under scholars in a variety of fields from all across the world. We provide students with in-class instruction and one-on-one attention from each teacher.

Main Objectives

The main objectives of this program include providing students with the means to study their deen in an academic, traditional and practical manner, students gain a comprehensive introductory-level understanding to Islamic Studies and develop the tools they need to access further levels of study. 

Program Schedule

The program is one weekend of each month. Students have the opportunity to have in-class instruction as well as one-on-one time with the instructor. The total amount of study time recommended outside of class is approximately 4 hours per week.



1 weekend a month




in-class instruction


  • Foundational knowledge of the principles of Islam.
  • The tools needed to navigate the basic tenants of faith.
  • Practical insight into living the theoretical principals of faith.
  • Ability to seek out and understand Islamic Studies resources (scholars and texts).


This program is designed for anyone interested in studying Islamic Studies with the ability to dedicate one weekend a month to studying on-site. No previous Arabic or Islamic Studies background is required, though dedication to studies and time management are essential to success. 

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