She Is

A 4 part series for women only

This Ramadhan Madina Institute is offering a unique opportunity for women to delve into the lives of some of the greatest women in Islamic history. This course will look at these women from the lens of self development and Emotional Intelligence. How can we use the wealth of knowledge provided to us to become better versions of ourselves?

Join us to embark on the journey through the lives of: 

Umm Maryam

Maryam bint Imran

Umm Musa

Khadija bint Khuwaylid

Fatima az-Zahra 

Zaynab bint Ali 

Registration Details

Ustadha Sofia Sharif (MA Pastoral Care & Chaplaincy) 

Women only (Open to all Ages)

Date: Starting Sunday 18th April- 9th May 

Time: 2-3PM EST 

Cost: $30 

Online via Zoom

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About the Instructor

Sofia Sharif

M.A. Pastoral Care & Chaplaincy

Sofia Sharif is a qualified chaplain and Instructor of Islamic sciences for various different organisations.

She completed her Undergraduate Studies in the field of Sociology, Criminology, and Criminal Justice in the United Kingdom.

Upon the completion of her BA, she went on to study the Islamic sciences graduating from the Islamic & Arabic Studies at Madina Institute. Pursuing her intention to serve the Muslim community, she completed her Masters in Muslim Chaplaincy under the guidance of British Academic Dr. Attullah Siddiqui (May Allah have mercy on his soul). She has since been working as a chaplain in universities and Muslim organisations, focuses on spirtual care and chaplaincy for women. She is currently working as the Director of Chaplaincy and Youth Development at Madina Institute USA.

Sofia is pursuing her Islamic studies further with Dr. Muhammad bin Yahya an-Ninowy as well as working towards attaining her PhD in Islam and Psychology.