Quran Academy

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Madina Institute’s Quran Academy

Our Quran Academy offers two classes:
1. Reading fluency & Tajweed
2. Part-time Hifz coaching

This program puts children and youth on a life-long journey of learning about the Quran.

Taught by

The Quran Academy will be taught by our resident Imam Zakir Ullah. Hafiz Zakir Ullah earned his Bachelor’s degree in Islamic Studies from the International Islamic University of Pakistan. After several years experience as an Imam, Quran teacher and Hifz coach, he went on to earn a Masters degree in Islamic Thought from the International Islamic University of Malaysia.

How the Class is taught

Out of the 2 hour session, the 1st hour covers “Reading fluency & Tajweed” and the 2nd hour covers “Part-time Hifz coaching i.e. Quran memorization”

So one can do either one of the sessions or both the sessions


3 days a week – Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

5:30 pm – 7:30 pm in September and 6 pm – 8 pm for the rest of the year

Who can Apply

– Boys and girls between age group of 7 and 17
– Small classes. First come first served basis
– One can apply for either one of the sessions or both the sessions


Admission into the hifz coaching is subject to passing in Quran recitation test


1. Reading Fluency & Tajweed – $100/month
2. Part-time Hifz coaching (Quran Memorization) – $100/month
3. Both Reading fluency & Tajweed and Part-time Hifz coaching – $150/month

For 2 or more kids (siblings), we offer 20% off on fee for each kid

If your kids are registered in Deen Academy, you get a 50% discount on Quran Academy fees. This cannot be combined with any other discount.

Registration is Ongoing

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Seats are limited, therefore you must make your first payment in order to reserve your spot in the class.