New Muslim Circle

AssalamuAlaikum Brothers and Sisters,

What is New Muslim Circle?

We are excited to invite you to our New Muslim Support Circle. This group is open to New Muslims and Non-Muslims wanting to learn about Islam. It offers new Muslims with the support they need in their journey to Islam. May Allah make this journey easy for you and continue to guide you towards what is right and the best, Ameen.

A significant milestone from the Seerah (Biography) of Our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him); when the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and his companions fled from Mecca to Madina to escape persecution, the people of Madina who were named Al-Ansar meaning “the helpers”, took them into their homes and supported them. Madina Institute is here to welcome you into our community and give you the support you need.

This program is here to help you through your journey as a new Muslim to give you emotional support, social integration and access to educational programs. The program serves to strengthen ties of our community, encourage masjid attendance, participation and provide a healthy outlet to voice, share experiences and concerns. Also help in seeking advice from other individuals that are currently on the same path.

Mission and Vision

Program objectives for the New Muslims at Madina Institute:

  • Emotional Support

The program will provide a smooth transition to new Muslims in the community. There will be a community support group, mentors and opportunities to make new friends. 

  • Social Integration:

We will be having monthly “New Muslim Circle” which will involve socializing, support and social group meetings to discuss challenges and success stories as new Muslims in a casual atmosphere.

Some of the events may take place at the Madina Institute and at other fun locations. Ramadan and Eid celebrations will also be organized, allowing the opportunity to learn and enjoy the Islamic festivity with the community. Striving to encourage new Muslims to be a part of the masjid by volunteering and community participation thus creating a positive impact within the community. 

  • Educational Programs 

The New Muslim Program will provide basic tools needed to start practicing Islam such as learning prayers, reading the Quran and obtaining basic Islamic knowledge plus other educational programs that are already available at Madina Institute such as Full Time and Part-Time Islamic Studies Programs, Arabic Studies, Friday weekly Quran Tafsir & Tea Talks,  Ramadhan Workshops and more.

Meetings and Social Events

Contact: Amina Hashim


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