Update on COVID-19

Madina Institute Reminder Notice


Ramadan Mubarak. May you all receive the Barakah of Laylatul Qadr, with all sins forgiven, and a new beginning for all.

All worship services are continuously VIRTUAL and available to all online, including TOMORROW the 27th of Ramadan. We will start our online Laylatul Qadr at 9.45pm at www.madinainstitute.live/qadr with famous Egyptian Qari, Ibrahim Bakeer, Quran Khatam, then Khatam Dua by Shaykh Safar.

We will open our DRIVE THRU at the Masjid to share Khatam congratulations, Dua, and give out sweets/Mithai to all of you. So come and Drive Thru.

ALL PHYSICAL worship services and community events at Madina Institute ARE STILL SUSPENDED until further notice.

Your safety, and the safety of the elderly and children of the community is more prioritized than Nafl prayers, such as Taraweeh.

As this pandemic affects people differently, it is your religious obligation to ensure that you are not a source of spreading the virus and increasing the suffering of others.

As a courtesy for the community, you are welcome to drop off the Zakat Ul Fitra, sadaqa  Zakat, and masjid donations through our DRIVE THRU drop off service at the Masjid everyday between 9:45 pm to 12 am.

May Allah (swt) keep all of us and our families safe and healthy, and may He (swt) bless us with the opportunity to witness and pray together, next Ramadan. Ameen.


Madina Institute, Atlanta