Humble Request to our Madina Family

Salaam Aalaikum Brothers & Sisters,

As you all know, Madina Institute promptly transitioned to an online platform to help maintain spirituality in the community once public gatherings were banned due to the coronavirus outbreak. We are currently offering free live online programming for adults, teens and kids. We are also continuing with Quran classes online.

Madina Institute is also an Institute of higher learning and we have several students currently enrolled in the 1-yr Intensive in Islamic and Arabic Studies programs. These students are an ‘Amana’ (trust) that have been given to Madina Institute, and ensuring completion of their education is our responsibility. Alhamdulillah, they too have seamlessly transferred to an online learning platform.

As you can see, Madina Institute is striving hard, but we need your support. We still have bills to pay and salaries to cover. Your jumuah contributions and Sadaqa will go a long way. Please donate generously at