Part-Time Arabic Studies Program


The 1-Year Part-Time Arabic Program provides you with a strong foundation in the Arabic Language. We integrate classical Quranic Arabic with Modern Standard Arabic in our unique curriculum. By the end of this course you’ll have a solid basis in understanding the Quran & basic Islamic texts in addition to day-to-day Arabic.

Program Objective

The main objective of this program is to help people with busy schedules learn Arabic in an easy accommodating way. They should  finish this program with a robust Arabic structure that qualifies them to move to the next level confidently.


We have three courses running in parallel to accommodate all the levels and time limitations. 2 for beginners (an evening and a morning class) and 1 for intermediate level (an evening class). No matter where you stand, our teachers will help you grow and thrive.

  • Beginner level: Arabic I-II
  • Intermediate level: Arabic III
Madina Methodology

At Madina, our instructors have developed a unique approach to teaching Arabic that incorporates the best from the two main forms taught in the U.S.: Quranic Arabic and Modern Standard Arabic. Both forms contribute essential aspects of the Arabic language and incorporating both provide a well-rounded study. Our method is to teach Arabic in a well-rounded, practical, and effective manner so that students finish the course with  rigid basis of the language.  In our part time courses, we make sure that the class pace accommodate busy life and does not act as an extra barrier on students.

Program Schedule

The program’s duration is 7 months (Oct 3rd to May 2nd) with 70+ credit hours of in-class instruction. The class is held one time a week, 3 hours per each time.


The Beginner level has 2 class timings to choose from – Wednesday (11 am – 2 pm) or  Thursday (6:30 pm – 9:30 pm)

The Intermediate level class timing would be Thursday (6:30 pm – 9:30 pm)

Classes start on October 3rd or October 4th depending on whether you timing falls on a Wednesday or Thursday

  • $375 Course Fee.
  • $25 for books (one time only)
  • No Application Fee

You may pay by cash, check or credit card at the masjid. 

  • Ustadha Laatra Hamidi: She is a native Arabic speaker. She has attended Dental College in Algeria,  La Cite’ Collégiale in Ottawa Canada and Georgia Perimeter College. As teaching is her passion, she loves reading and learning everyday. She has six years of experience educating at Islamic schools. She has also been trained to teach Noorani Qaida and taught it for many years. She has created Arabic and Quran curricula for Pre-K school. Ustadha Laatra is a current FLAG (Foreign Language Association of Georgia) member. She judged in FLAG Arabic competitions in Atlanta for five years. Currently, she is a part time Arabic instructor at Madina Institute in Duluth, GA.


  • Ustadha Raghda Abdullah: Ustadha Raghda is a native Arabic speaker (Egypt) and advanced student of Arabic, and a graduate of the Madina Institute Islamic Studies Associate’s degree program. Usa. Raghda has studied with Azharian shuyukh before coming to the US, is certified in Nouraneya and has good experience in teaching it and Quran. She also has professional experience in project management and marketing, and a BS in Computer Science.


  • Ustadha Eqbal Almahatwary: The course is custom designed by Ustadha Egbal, a native Arabic speaker, experienced linguist, and passionate teacher and researcher from Sana’a, Yemen. She holds both a Master’s and Bachelor’s in Arabic language and literature from Sana’a University, where she studied under linguists and professors such as the famous Yemeni poet and writer Dr. Abdul Aziz Al-Maqaleh. Her experience encompasses a combined thirteen years of experience in teaching, annotating, and conducting research in the Arabic language



7 months




In-class instruction


  • Learn 4 skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading & Writing using authentic resources that match your current level, either you are beginner or intermediate.
  • Learn classical grammar and get familiar with some language patterns
  • Learn conversational Arabic and vocabulary related to daily life.
  • Enrich your vocabulary by reading texts with Islamic content.
  • You’ll receive a participation certificate Upon completing the entire course.


This program is designed for anyone interested in studying Arabic no matter what is his level . Applicants must be 16+ years old with a minimum of a high school diploma or GED.

– For Novice level: the ability to read the Arabic alphabet, however individuals with zero background in Arabic are welcome to enroll (please contact us for more information)

– For Intermediate level: a passing score in Arabic II course at Madina Institute OR a passing score in the placement test for intermediate level (please contact us for more information)

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