Full-Time Arabic Studies Program


The Intensive 1-year Arabic Language Studies Program incorporates classical Arabic studies to a modern understanding to make classical texts accessible to students through practical implementation in the modern era. Our curriculum is crafted to suit an accelerated pace of study with an effective implementation of understanding and usage through teaching grammar, vocabulary, sentence structure, and more. Students will gain practical skills such as reading, writing and speaking through a variety of classroom activities. This model is a unique method of teaching that integrates the Arabic textbooks of the Lisan Al Um series to meet the national standards of the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL).

Note: even though this program is designed as a part of the 1-year Islamic Studies Degree Program, students may opt to study Arabic as a full-time 1-year individual track and earn a completion certificate for the Arabic program.

Program Objectives

The main objective of this program are for students at any level of Arabic (from no exposure to a higher level of exposure) to complete the program with a higher-intermediate to a lower-advanced level of knowledge in speaking, reading, writing and listening. Previous Madina graduates scored beyond this goal on the official assessment from ACTFL (known as the APPL exam). All students scored Intermediate-High to Advanced.


Arabic I: Introduction

Arabic II: Novice A

Arabic III: Novice B

Arabic IV: Intermediate A

Arabic V: Intermediate B

Arabic VI: Intermediate C

Arabic VII: Advanced A

Arabic VIII: Advanced B


National Standards

Our program comparing to ACTFL

Madina Course ACTFL Level Time Credits
Arabic I: Introduction Novice-low 60 hours      3
Arabic II: Novice A Novice-low to Novice-mid 60 hours      3
Arabic III: Novice B Novice-mid to Novice-high 60 hours      3
Arabic IV: Intermediate A Novice-high to Intermediate-low 60 hours      3
Arabic V: Intermediate B Intermediate-low to Intermediate-mid 60 hours      3
Arabic VI: Intermediate C Intermediate-mid to Intermediate-high 60 hours      3
Arabic VII: Advanced A Intermediate-high to Advanced-low 60 hours      3
Arabic VIII: Advanced B Intermediate-high to Advanced-low (horizontal growth) 60 hours      3
The Madina Methodology

At Madina, our instructors have developed a unique approach to teaching Arabic that incorporates the best from the two main forms taught in the U.S.: Quranic Arabic and Modern Standard Arabic. Both forms contribute essential aspects of the Arabic language and incorporating both provide a well-rounded study. Our method is to teach Arabic in a well-rounded, practical, and effective manner so that students finish the 1-year program is a firm grasp of the language.  Students learn lessons gradually and practice skill-sets daily so as to build upon and strengthen each new concept as they progress.

Program Schedule

The program’s duration is approximately 10 months with 30+ credit hours of in-class instruction. The class is held 5 days a week and 4 hours per day. Due to the intensity of the program, it is recommended to spend 2 hours of outside study time per day.



10 months




onsite instruction


  • Well-rounded grasp of the Arabic language in reading, writing and speaking.
  • Skills in grammar, vocabulary, rhetoric and more.
  • A combination of Modern Standard Arabic and Classical Arabic.
  • Communicate effectively in the Arabic language.
  • Skills to excel on the APPL exam.


This program is designed for anyone interested in an accelerated pace of studying Arabic with the ability to dedicate one year to studying on-site. Applicants must be 16+ years old with a minimum of a high school diploma or GED. No previous Arabic background is required, though an introduction to Arabic is recommended. 

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