3-Year Bachelor’s Degree Program in Islamic Studies


The intensive 3-year Bachelor’s Degree Program is a continuation of the 1-year Associate’s Degree Program for any student seeking a deeper understanding and higher degree in Islamic Studies. This program offers students the ability to learn advanced classical texts and practical implementation at the hands of scholars from around the world. This accelerated track offers the opportunity to study in a faster time frame and more efficient manner.  Students receive an increased amount of one-on-one study time with our scholars and learn the skills needed to critically analyze and understand the deeper fundamentals of Arabic and Islamic Studies. This program suits students seeking a scholarly track as an Islamic Scholar, teacher, Imam, or desiring to have a deep knowledge of Islam.

The Madina Methodology

Our teaching methodology is extremely unique in its process to teach students the variety of viewpoints within the bounds of Ahl’ Sunnah. This approach provides students with an unbiased understanding of many schools of thought. At Madina, we believe in providing knowledge and information, not indoctrinating a particular point of view. This results in a well-rounded seeker of knowledge. We believe in bringing the best scholars to the students, without requiring the students to travel the world to seek the knowledge they crave. Each student has the opportunity to interact with and study under scholars in a variety of fields from all across the world. We provide students with in-class instruction and one-on-one attention from each teacher.

Program Objectives

The main objectives of the program include students building upon the skills they develop in the first year program, providing students with the means to study their deen in an academic, traditional and practical manner, students learn a deeper foundational understanding of the Islamic faith, and gain the tools necessary to access traditional texts and scholars from around the world. Upon successful completion of the program, students graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Islamic Studies.

Program Schedule

The program’s duration is approximately 40 months with 120+ credit hours of in-class instruction. Due to the intensity of the program, it is recommended it spend 4+ hours per day of study time outside of in-class instruction. Students have one to two days off per week and regular breaks throughout the year.



30+ months




in-class instruction


  • Deep knowledge and understanding of the principles of Islam, in practice and theory.
  • The ability to teach foundational classical texts proficiently.
  • Practical skills to effectively convey a message through a halaqa, khutbah or lecture format.
  • Proficiency in understanding classical Islamic texts.
  • Produce research in Islamic studies.
  • The knowledge necessary to continue on the path toward Islamic scholarship.


This program is perfect for anyone interested in an accelerated pace of learning and desires an advanced study of the faith. Applicants must be 16+ years old with a minimum of a high school diploma or GED and have successfully completed the requirements of the 1-year program (Arabic + Islamic Studies) for eligibility into the 3-year program.

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