Episode 10

Adab of visiting Madina Al-Munawwarah

Surah Taubah verse 128 - Humanity received a great gift from Allah SWT- the Prophet Muhammad Sallalahu alaihi Wasalam. al-Madina al-Munawwarah was a place of disease, before the Prophet (SAW) entered it. With the Prophetic presence it was cured. Disease became healing. “When Nabi (SAW) entered Madina everything was illuminated” (Tirmidhi).
Adab and ilm are mutually exclusive. There is a special adab which must be observed when in the presence of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Out of love, salutations on the Prophet (SAW) are increased and when on Hajj and Umrah, special effort is made to exercise adab when visiting Madina.

Speaker Name : Sh. Muhammad bin Yahya Al Ninowy Topics : Madina