Islamic Spirituality (Tazkiya)

Module Overview

In the famous Hadith of Jibril, the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings upon him and his family) delineates the three key principles of the Islamic faith; Islam, Iman and Ihsan. The first, Islam, includes the “five pillars of the religion. These rituals are designed to discipline the body to perform outward practices of faith. The second, iman, includes the “six pillars of belief”, intended to discipline the mind. The third, ihsan, is meant to develop the soul by inculcating God-consciousness in every aspect of life. Referred to as “Tazkiyah” in the Qur’an and as “Ihsan” in the Sunnah, this course introduces the history, theory and practice of the discipline of Islamic spirituality and speaks about its basis in the Quran and Sunnah. It looks at the formal development of this Prophetic Legacy, which focuses on purification of the heart and inner reform, and introduces its goals, objectives and practices. Instruction of the student and the method of learning by Imam Zarnuji deals with the etiquette of a student; and the approach a seeker of knowledge should have toward knowledge and the teachers of knowledge. Bidayatul Hidayah by Imam Ghazali deals with topics like obedience; refraining from disobedience; and the etiquette of Companionship with the Creator and the creation.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able to:
  • Understand the qualities that will draw one closer to Allah; and
  • Understand the actions that will create distance between one and Allah.
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