Quranic Sciences (Ulum Al-Qu’ran)

Module Overview

The knowledge of Ulum al-Quran, or 'The Sciences of the Qur'an' deals with the knowledge of those sciences that have a direct bearing on the recitation, history, understanding and implementation of the Qur'an. It is therefore, a vast field of Islamic scholarship, and one that is of primary importance. This will prepare the student for Quran Tafsir in which the knowledge learnt will practically be applied as the journey to understand the Quran begins. This subject covers the important aspects of Quranic Sciences. With regards to recitation, students will learn the rules of recitation according to the recitation of Hafs, understand the different methodologies of reciting the Qur'an (the qira'at), the blessings of reciting the Qur'an, and the etiquette of its recitation. Students will learn the causes of revelation the knowledge of Makki and Madani revelations (asbab an-nuzul), the knowledge of the various forms (ahruf) it was revealed in, the understanding of its abrogated rulings and verses (nasikh wal-mansukh), the knowledge of the various classifications of its verses (muhkam and mutashabih, 'am and khas, mutlaq and muqqayad, etc.) and the knowledge of its interpretation (tafsir).

Learning outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able to:
  • Recite the Quran with a proper application of its rules
  • Better understand the Quran, in that the student will be familiar with the history of its revelation and collection, and the various aspects that aids its comprehension
  • Understand the development of the script of the Quran
  • Realize the wealth of knowledge and insight that exists with regards to the Book of Allah
  • Identify the Makki and Madani verses to a certain extent
  • Explore the different types of Tafsir books
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