Student Life


Atlanta, GA student life is a crucial part of the Madina Institute student experience. Madina Institute works to create a balanced and well-rounded learning environment, with opportunities inside and outside of the classroom. These opportunities include community engagement, student outings, study groups and more!


A great resource for students to participate in review sessions outside of class. This helps students work together to succeed in the program and build strong bonds of brotherhood and sisterhood.


This is a large part of student life at Madina Institute. Students have the opportunity to participate in interfaith events with local seminary programs and an annual Madina Institute Visit a Mosque Day, in local Madina Masjid events such as lectures and workshops, as well as general Atlanta-wide community involvement. These opportunities allow for students to help strengthen ties between communities and practice outreach.


Practice what you teach! Madina Institute seeks to provide students with the ability to implement and practice what they learn in class. This creates an enriching learning environment. Students serve at the homeless shelter and with various community service opportunities, as well as at the local Madina Masjid.


Each month, students have the opportunity to join in on a fun outing as a class. Past outings have included a picnic BBQ, white water rafting, hike & halaqa, and more! These outings allow students to relieve a bit of study-stress while exploring the surrounding locale.