Created for Worship

“We did not create Man and Jinn except to worship Allah”. This verse of the Qur’an summarized the essential purpose of Allah creating mankind and jinn. But little do most know that “worship” in this context extends beyond just the ritualistic manifestations, and encompasses an entire spiritually transformative modus operandi of being, characterized through absolute devotion to Allah. Shaykh Muhammad explains in his beautiful Khutbah the significance of this “Rabbani” mode of being, from the weight of our primordial covenant rejected by the mountains to the universal love and mercy which it entails.

The 3 Sahabas chosen by Prophet SAW: Battle of Badr

In this Khutbah, Shaykh Ninowy demystifies the events that unfolded before the Battle of Badr. He explains how Prophet (SAW) and the Sahabas (RA) faced attacks from the enemies before Badr itself. He explains which 3 Sahabas were chosen especially for battle against the Meccans and demonstrates and verifies the reasons for the choices that were made. He explains what these Sahabas had in common and how they were all eventually martyred.

Ramadan and Quran

In this sermon, Shaykh Ninowy describes how all the different things we practice during the month of Ramadan are all the lessons we learn from the Quran. He then gives an understanding of why the month of Ramadan is the identity of the Quran and why the Quran is the identity of Ramadan. He describes things that the Quran has forbidden and how we stay away from the forbidden. He then mentions that we are acting upon the Quran when we do.