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Arabic studies programs

Arabic studies programs

Madina Institute offers Arabic language study programs for students seeking advanced levels of study or more introductory-based study. Our curricula are crafted to suit effective study in the implementation of understanding and usage of Arabic vocabulary, grammar, sentence structure, and more. Students will gain practical skills such as reading, writing and speaking through a variety of classroom activities.

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One Year Intensive in Islamic & Arabic Studies

 The 1-Year Intensive Program is a specialized full-time course, carefully crafted so that you can get more in one year than any other seminary or college…

One Year Arabic Studies Program

At the end of the program, our students will be equipped with the knowledge and the skills to navigate the Holy Quran by themselves for the rest of their lives.

One Year Associates Degree in Islamic & Arabic Studies

The Associate’s Degree Program is a combination of Islamic Studies and Arabic Language Studies. This program offers…