Certification in Islamic Studies and Leadership


The Certification in Islamic Studies and Leadership program is designed to provide aspiring community leaders with the tools they need to become effective and competent community leaders. In this time of confusion, hate and violence, we look to foster an environment of knowledge and growth to tackle those challenges and to transform our students intellectually and spiritually. Above all, we look to foster an environment to build the leaders of today, tomorrow by equipping them with the skills they need. 

This program will give students a firm foundation in the core sciences of Islamic Studies. Our unique teaching methodology entails teaching our students the various viewpoints within the bounds of Ahl’ al-Sunnah. This approach provides students with an unbiased understanding of many schools of thought. At Madina, we believe in providing knowledge and information, not indoctrinating a particular point of view. This results in a well-rounded seeker of knowledge. 

The program also entails electives in leadership. These electives will provide them with essential skills such as public speaking, family counseling, youth counseling, and interfaith dialogue. Skills in these areas are necessary when looking to develop competent community leadership. 

The main objective of this program is to educate the young Muslims community. We hope to assist them on their personal journey of growing as better Muslims by instilling the values and ethics of our faith within them. We hope to ground them in a firm understanding of the foundational Islamic sciences so that our community of tomorrow is willing and able to face the challenges to our faith. We also look to develop the leaders of tomorrow and equip them with the tools needed to become competent and qualified community leaders.

Course Requirement

The students that are enrolled for the Certification in Islamic Studies and Leadership program are required to successfully complete the following courses. In addition the students can enroll to upto 30 hours of elective courses which can include courses in Non-Violence and Peace Studies, courses in Arabic Language studies, additional courses in Islamic Sciences etc.

To view all the courses we offer in detail, please visit our Curriculum page

Required Courses

Courses in Islamic Sciences:

  • Bridge to the Quranic sciences
  • Quranic Virtues & Ethics I
  • Hadith Terminology I
  • Hadith Sciences I
  • Credal Theology (Aqidah) I
  • Prophetic Biography (Seerah) I
  • Islamic Law – Hanafi I
  • Islamic Law – Shafi I
  • Legal Theory – Shafi I
  • Legal Theory – Hanafi I
  • Islamic Spirituality (Tazkiya) I

Courses in Islamic Leadership:

  • Interfaith Dialogue
  • Public Speaking
  • Youth Counseling
  • Family Counseling

To view all the courses we offer in detail, please visit our Curriculum page

Program Schedule

Classes run approximately from 9 AM to 5 PM EST on weekdays. Generally the first half of the day is spent on the study of the Arabic language. The second half of the day is scheduled for Islamic Studies classes. Some of the courses and electives are offered on selected weekends with visiting instructors.

Program Format

Note: This applies only if the student choose to take the Applied Quranic Ethics and Virtues course as part of their elective courses.

This 10 month program will be conducted online for a duration of 9 months, and onsite for 1 month. The onsite portion of the program will be conducted during the month of Ramadan and students will be required to travel to the Madina Institute campus in Atlanta, Georgia. At the Atlanta campus students will cover the Applied Quranic Ethics and Virtues course and will have the opportunity to spend time with Shaykh Dr. Muhammad al-Ninowy and other teachers, reliving the age old tradition of Islamic Scholarship of learning from teachers in physical proximity.

Important Note: The onsite part of the program will only be conducted if Madina Institute deems conditions safe for students to travel to the campus given the COVID-19 situation.

Full-time or Part-time Option

Full time students are those students who take all course requirements for graduation within the year. Students who take less than the course requirements within the year and intend on completing the course in over a year are classified as part time students. 



10 months


Full-time or Part-time






  • Have a strong foundational understanding of the various Islamic sciences. This entails a study in the field of theology, Quranic sciences, Hadith sciences, legal theory, jurisprudence and more.
  • Have clarity and ability to think critically
  • An understanding and implementation of Islamic Ethics*
  • Know the Arabic language at an intermediate level or advanced level*
  • Continue on the leadership path

*Depending on the elective courses selected


Our program is designed for anyone who:
1) Can dedicate 9-10 months full time to learn the foundations of the religion online 
2) Yearns for intellectual & spiritual growth
3) Desires to be an Imam or Community leader
4) Aims to be a Youth Leader
5) Seeks a Career in Religious Studies


Courses taught by world-renown scholars.


Learn the foundations of faith & more in less than a year.


Earn a Certification at the end of the successful completion of the program

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